Unity 2D Game 6: Tilevania

The sixth, and final, game of the Udemy class on Unity 2D was a tileset Metroid-Vania game which the instructors named Tilevania. I never played Metroid and maybe only played Castlevania once, but its legacy does persist in some newer games like Spelunky.

This was the closest I’ve come to making a Mario clone. My favorite part of the development process was creating the tile editor rules that allows me to drag around the tiles for the foreground and have it automatically determine if it should be a grass piece, dark, or full of rocks. As usual with the games we used to learn concepts for the course, there is a lot left to do to make a fully-fledged game. I made note of a few items in the tickets on the Github page.

Here I am demoing what I developed at the end of the section:

You can play it on the web or you can go to the releases page of my Github repo and download a binary for Windows or Unix.

Now that I’m done with the course, where will my game development path take me? Well, I’ve got a couple ideas for some games I’d like to develop on my own. They’re not originals in the sense of a Completely Original Game, but they’d be my takes, on my own of some games I’d really like to play. Keep on eye on the blog for when I start those. It’ll be a while, though. I have a few other projects to catch up on. After that I’ll be delving into their Unity and Unreal 3D classes and that should be a blast!