Mother’s Day Prime Rib Roast

For the first time in a few years, my mom was going to be in town for Mother’s Day. We didn’t have a ton of events to attend or anything, so I asked her what she would like for dinner if she could have anything. She said she wanted prime rib, so I figured it was the perfect time for me to try out a prime rib roast on one of my BBQs. Meathead has lots of tips for eliminating most of the hassle of making a prime rib roast. First of all, remove the ribs – they only serve to block heat and keep the roast from cooking evenly. Second, use twine to make it into a cylinder so it cooks evenly from the outside to the inside.

Prime Rib deboned and tied up to be made cylindrical

I also decided to make some gravy to drizzle over it. Here’s what the stock looked like:

Gravy Stock
Gravy Stock

So I fired up the Weber Kettle to 225 F and threw on the meat.

Waiting for the BBQ to come up to temp

Meathead said it would take about a half an hour per inch and this 4 inch diameter roast took about 2 hours to get to the right temperature on the inside. Now it was time to sear the outside.

Searing the outside

And there she is, all cooked up:

Prime Rib roast done!!

and another shot with the gravy:

Prime Rib and the Gravy

Here’s the first piece cut off (money shot):

First Slice!

And this was dinner:


One more shot of the inside a few slices in:

Another money shot!

So, in the end, the flavor was great. The crust had a nice kick to it as did the gravy. Will I make it again? Probably not unless my mom’s back in town. My wife is all about the steak. This is too much meat without a sear for her. I thought it was better than I’d had at The Prime Rib in Baltimore, but I’m not going to make a whole roast just for myself. Still, it was a fun experience and something I was able to cross off my list.