It's funny how quickly he ended up with more teeth
It’s funny how quickly he ended up with more teeth

I took this photo back in August. I’ve said it before on the blog when talking about Scarlett, but it’s incredible how much the babies change in their first year. Sure, at this point it’s 100% of his life. But eventually you reach this age where you don’t really change all that much from year to year. You get a little fatter or skinnier and maybe lose a little hair, but it’s on going back multiple years where you really see the change. But look at Sam closer to birth:

I wonder at what age they'll hate being put together.
I wonder at what age they’ll hate being put together.

Sam’s on the right. The fundamentals are there, but it’s a very different face. And between when I took the photo and when I’m writing this he’s tripled the amount of teeth in that mouth. It’s just incredible how much they change.