Sam Jumping Around

Taken by Danielle; edited by Eric.
Taken by Danielle; edited by Eric.

So much I want to say all at once…I hate when that happens – makes me wish we could speak in parallel threads. Well, I guess I’ll start with the credit. There are lots of photos I’ve posted on here taken by Danielle. But usually by the time I get a chance to post photos I can’t remember for sure who took the photos. Generally, if the photo is taken with the Canon Powershot S100 it’s a greater than 80% chance it was taken by Danielle. But not only has not much time passed since the photo was taken (allowing me to know it was Danielle who took it), but it’s just so perfect, I had to make sure to credit her for having the photographic eye.

The angle, the timing, the look on Sam’s face, the highlights coming in from the morning light. I took a look at a few different ways of rendering it and black and white seemed to do it the best justice.

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