Review: Complete Multiple Warheads Trade Paperback

Complete Multiple Warheads TPComplete Multiple Warheads TP by Brandon S. Graham

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What this trade adds to the Image Comics series is the first issue from Oni Press which sets up some of the characters as well as why they leave the city. It also includes the porn comic that originated the characters. The porn comic wasn’t my cup of tea, but as a completist, I did want to see where the characters started off. Interestingly, with each edition of the comic, Graham draws Nik with less hair. He has a full beard in the porn comic, a goatee in the Oni Press comic, and a clean-shaven face in the Image Comics issues.

I’d previously only read the Image Comics issues on my tablet and the colors are so much better on this trade than they were on the tablet. Makes me happy to own the trade instead of being sad that it’s just two extra stories (one of which I don’t care too much about). Unlike some trades, there aren’t a lot of extras (thinking of the Marvel trades), but that’s OK. The price makes sense for the amount of content that’s in there, plus the high quality paper it’s printed on.

If you’re OK with sexual content in your comics (and there isn’t THAT much outside of the porn comic that started it), I’d recommend giving this a read. It’ll really change your idea of what comics can be. (Hint: they don’t all have to feature super heroes that make for great summer blockbusters)

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