Review: Walrus: Brandon Graham’s All Bum Album

Walrus: Brandon Graham's All Bum AlbumWalrus: Brandon Graham’s All Bum Album by Brandon S. Graham

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If you’re purchased comic artists’ sketch books before, you probably have a good idea of what you’re going to get. However, unlike other sketch books I’ve seen, this one contains little mini-comics scattered among the more traditional sketches. It’s also neat that he includes some sketches his wife has drawn since they often draw together. Also fun – his reinterpretations of some Marvel and DC characters.

It’s enlightening to see what he does to get himself geared up for projects where he’s drawing.

Of note, Brandon Graham used to be a porn artist before he started doing more mainstream (if still adult-oriented) comics. Unless I missed a page somewhere, there isn’t any pornographic content in this sketchbook, but there is nudity (mostly female, but there are a few penises to be seen here and there). I would be OK showing it to my kids if they were around middle school or older because it’s just nudity rather than pornography – but that may vary and I just wanted to warn potential buyers ahead of time. It may be a pointless warning (who would buy a sketchbook of an artist they didn’t know about?), but I think a fair warning nonetheless.

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