Cancel the Russian Winter Olympics?

Stephen Fry is asking for the Olympic Committee to cancel the Winter Olympics in Russia this Winter. The reason is their recent horrible actions against LGBT people. Politically, I think Fry’s in the right. (The gay stuff plus tons of other bad things Russia’s been doing lately) But I feel it could be unfair to the Olympians who spent all these years training. (Especially the older ones who can’t wait 4 more years) Additionally, given all the commercialism BS I’ve heard about the IOC and how you can’t even reference the Olympics if you’re a business in the city in which it’s happening, I doubt they’ll have the convictions to pull the plug. But how awesome would it be if they succeeded and just moved it to the second-place city that was advocating for the Olympics? One can dream….

3 responses to “Cancel the Russian Winter Olympics?”

  1. I think the IOC’s stance is that political demonstrations have no place in the Olympics. These are the same folks who stripped medals for American civil rights displays.

    This issue totally bums me out though.

    • Yeah, I understand it’s about unity and harmony and all that and I think the Olympics themselves shouldn’t have demonstrations, but Nazi Germany and Putin Russia shouldn’t get to have games.