June-July Photojojo

It’s once again time for my biweekly Photojojo post.  For those of you who haven’t been following my blog for a long time, Photojojo is a digital time capsule service.  Every two weeks they send me an email that has my most interesting photos posted to flickr from one year ago.

The video called Keyboard Scarlett comes from the fact that I found out I was able to make her laugh hysterically if I moved her hands back and forth on the table like Keyboard Cat. Interestingly, now that she has full agency over her limbs, she hates when I do anything like this.

I wonder next year when I’m looking back on her second year if I’ll find her to have changed as radically from year two to year three as she changed from year one to year two. I was also extremely happy to be able to get shots of her with all her living great-grandparents.