Top 200 Photos: #112

And we’re at Cornell once again for today’s Top 200 Photo.

photo #112 is:
Andrew White Reading Room - 5 -bw

This is from the Andrew White reading room at Uris Library. I didn’t properly take advantage of the library spaces in my freshman and sophomore years. It was when I really got serious about my studies in my Junior Year (after a scare in which bad grades almost got me kicked out of the electrical engineering program) that I began to utilize the libraries. In my first two years I would go back to my dorm between classes even if I could only be there for 10 or so minutes and I’d check my email and the net. I only did my assigned homework so I didn’t need all the time I was wasting going back and forth. Once Junior Year rolled around and I started doing extra problems in order to ensure I understood the material well enough to gets Bs and As, I needed to use the libraries to study. So I started to frequent the Uris and the Engineering Library at Carpenter Hall. The engineering library was my first introduction to Linux (they had Mandrake installed) and Firefox (before it was even called Firefox).

Interestingly enough, I never used the Andrew White reading room. I got this photo (and others) on a trip Danielle and I made around campus looking for neat photo opportunities. I really liked the setup of this section of the library.