Grand Canyon Trip: 5 Oct 2010

While on my trip to the Grand Canyon I kept a journal of my experience in order to create an after-the-fact travelogue.  Presented over the next few days is an edited version + photo essay of my trip.

5 Oct 2010

Tomorrow I get to see the Grand Canyon!  I’ve been waiting to see it for years.  Today was pretty awesome because I got to see another thing I’d wanted to see for a while now – I saw a hummingbird for the first time.  The best part is that it was completely accidental.  We got into the rental car and, as Danielle set up the GPS, I looked up at the some flowers and saw a hummingbird.  It quickly left, so it was just being there at that exact time that allowed me to see it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me.  Hopefully I get to see it again.

We ate lunch at Barrio Cafe, an award-winning Mexican restaurant.

Barrio Cafe Parking Lot 2

The food was good and the ambiance was great.

The Inside of El Barrio Cafe
The Inside of El Barrio Cafe

The guac was weird – it had pomegranate seeds – but it tasted good.  I had carne asada tacos and Danielle had fish tacos.  It was way too much food.  Interestingly, for a Mexican restaurant, they brought bread when we sat at the table instead of chips and salsa.  It had a pimiento and green olive spread that was very interesting.  It was tasty and different from anything I’d eaten before.

Interesting Guacamole
Interesting Guacamole - with pomegranate seeds
Danielle's Salad at Barrio Cafe
Danielle's Salad at Barrio Cafe

After lunch it was pouring rain.  Just our luck that it would rain IN THE DESERT when we visit.  It rained so hard that I-10 flooded and it took us forever to get back to the hotel.

I thought Arizona was a desert!
I thought Arizona was a desert!

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