The Evolution vs Creationism BullSh*t needs to stop

Recently, someone created Conservipedia, saying that Wikipedia has a liberal bias. Its proof? Idiotic things like the fact that some of the articles are spelled in the Queen’s English (honour, colour) despite most users being American. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Another proof it gives is not idiotic, just misguided – Wikipedia, like a majority of the world, lends credence to the Theory of Evolution. Frankly, as a Christian, I’m sick and tired of this whole Creationism movement. All it succeeds in doing is making Christians look like conniving morons. We can’t get schools to teach in the Christian God creating things, so we created “Creationism” that teachs that some Diety created the world and everything. I think people would be less vitriolic towards the whole thing if it just went outright and called it for what it is – the Christian God.

But, the truth of the matter is that this is all irrelevant anyway! What difference does it make in your day-to-day actions whether your ancestors are apes, fish, dolphins, extra terrestials, or dust that God gave life to? If they were to conclusively prove it one way or the other – how would this change your life? I doubt it would change anything! You’d still go to work/school/church/etc and everything would be fine. You’d be smug if you were right, but, again, it would make no difference.

Instead of focusing on BS like this – why not focus on practicing what you preach as much as possible. Or, if you’re secretly a gay, drug addict, don’t become the pastor of a church and cause all of us to become associated with you. Don’t worry about crap you can’t control – like evolution – and worry about donating money to charities. Help the poor – do all the things Christ called us to do. Leave the origins well enough alone. Because, at the end of the day, there will never be any proof one way or the other. If you’re that anxious about what your kids learn – just take time out in Sunday School (or Small Groups) to talk about it with them.

Especially consider the fact that if you were to truly teach creationism, the fact that we live in a religiously free country means that kids would have to learn the Christian/Jewish/Moslem, Buddist, Hindu, Zen, Greek, etc origins of man. And then it just becomes a religion or philosophy class. On the other side of things – scientists need to view the Christian point of view with respect and not make fools of students in class or lecture. Recognize that some people don’t believe as you do. It’s good advice for both sides. There is nothing to gain by calling each other names. There are many, many Christians who practice science – so one doesn’t preclude the other. All Christians are not mindless sheep rednecks.


3 responses to “The Evolution vs Creationism BullSh*t needs to stop”

  1. Hey Eric!

    HA! HA! I love your point of view, it’s refreshing to see not everybody is creating a giant drama over this issue. I am a biotch student in South Africa, and evolution in one of my great interests,
    but the fact that it’s sparking such giant and meaningless debates annoys me. As far as I’m concerned people who do that are either missing the point entirely, or deliberately skewing
    it for their own reasons.

    Hope to see mush like-mindedness in the future!

  2. Just gotta say, you have my deep respect for what you say and how you say it!

    Me, I’ve shied away from theology and politics in blogging. But you deserve honor for speaking as you have.

  3. Hey Priya – than’s for the support. I think people need to focus on more important issues. Also, I think you meant biotech. I’m not sure if it’s the same in SA, but here in the USA biotch is a not-too-vieled euphemism for b1tch.

    Hey Pete – thanks for the kind words. I understand – personally, sometimes I worry my blog doesn’t have focus like yours does. Then I look at “Dive into Mark” and DVD Jon’s blogs (as well as others on and realize that it works for some people and not others.

    Thanks for leaving comments – they are always welcome – even if you disagree!