RAW Flow….it’s a learning process

Since about my Senior Year at Cornell I’ve been shooting in RAW. When I got Photoshop CS 2 I was so happy with all the new features they added to make the workflow so efficient. It really eliminates the “raw is more work” complain that most people have. Recently, as I was reading a book on raw workflows, I realized that, ever since getting CS2, I’ve still been doing things horribly inefficiently!

With every raw file I’ve made the corrections and then converted them all to 16-bit tiffs which [for 90%] of them were then converted straight to jpeg with a script I had created. I wasn’t doing any other modifications! All this time I could have eliminated the [very] time-consuming task of conversion to TIFF. I had reasoned doing it for the purposes of conversion to black and white so that I would start with a higher quality file than a jpeg. However, with CS2, the features I can use to edit the raw file directly and then save as a PSD (which I do anyway) should result in a MUCH faster workflow!!!!

Always keep learning – you never know what you will learn and it may really improve things.