When I first started posting pictures to flickr, I thought I had to post photographic art or pictures taken with the purpose of display such as:

Central Park in July

Do Not Disturb w signature


How the Ad Industry Sees Us

But recently, as I’ve seen the work of other famous and important photographers, I’ve come to realize that some of the other shots I’ve been taking can also be great photographs. So I’ve been trawling through my archives to look for photos I could share with my fans and friends on flickr. Some of these pictures are even 5 years old already! In fact, searching for these new gems has taken me down memory lane and allowed me to relive some of my favorite memories. These are the reasons why we photograph. It’s not just a process for creating art, but it’s also a process for documenting the world around us and our own lives. Especially precious to me has been the rediscovery of some of my photos of my grandmother Aida who has almost been gone two years.
That’s why you’ve seen a lot of my older work on here recently as well as on flickr. Here are some more of my newly rediscovered favorites.

Here’s a picture of Danielle and I after we had been dating 8 months. Marriage was in our plans, but still a faint idea in our minds and not something our parents actually expected would happen.

3 Weeks Left

Apart from Mauricio and gang, Nancy is one of my closest friends from HS. She also shares my passion for photography, if not as strongly. When I got the external lenses for my Kodak DX 3600 and thought I was so cool for having a telephoto and wide angle lens, she agreed to go to the Financial District of NYC with me to take pictures. Behind me, as I shot this photo, was Wall Street.

Nancy at Wall Street (2003)

And finally, I leave you with with one of my first self-portraits ever. It was one of the first times I realized the power of digital photography over traditional film. If I messed up, I could always recompose and try again.

One of my first digital self-portraits (2001)