Adjusted limitations

As I shot my cousin’s Sweet 16 as the official photographer, I realized that I didn’t need the box of AA alkalines I had taken with me to the event. It turned out that my two canon batteries and the NiMH batteries in the flash gun and battery belt were more than enough for nearly continuous shooting from 1730 – 2330. Instead it was my 4 GB of memory which was not quite enough for the event. Even though this allowed me to take 460+ pictures, I ran out prematurely – sometime around 2245, after which I had to try and delete any photos which appeared not to have come out right. Yes, I know, a typical wedding only has 300 shots or so, but I wanted to capture candids as well as all of the official photos. For the posed pictures I also shot a few too many, I think. I’m currently loading the pictures onto my computer, but I would estimate taking 3 pictures of each pose. This was mostly due to my inexperience. I didn’t want to just have one photo of each and then end up that it was over or under exposed or someone was blinking or something. We’ll see how it all came out soon enough.


One response to “Adjusted limitations”

  1. You did a really good job with the party. I can’t wait to see the black and white pics as well as the ones you’ll tweek.