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I’ve been accused by some of having an asian fetish, but I don’t. I think I just have an asian preference. Mere mincing of words? I don’t think so. To me a fetish implies a desire for asian things (culture, people, etc) that accepts all things asian and rejects most things non-asian. Let’s start with culture, for example. There are a lot of things I like about the asian culture, especially the respect for elders and strong family ties. I also like the fact that, at least in Japan, people take a much more lax attitude towards things like nudity. As long as it’s not porn, what’s wrong with the female (or male) nude? I mean, here in the US, people got mad when a magazine printed a cover with a baby being breastfed. What’s more innocent than a baby being breastfed? Yet, American (puritan-based) culture finds it so offensive.

However, there as some things I disagree about with asian culture (and again, my major reference point is japan). For example, the whole ridiculous loyalty to a company or to the group – I don’t like that. If there’s one American value they have done a good job socializing me to internalize it’s that independence and the will of the individual is very important!


2 responses to “Asians”

  1. I wonder how the Japanese would feel about freelance work?

    You can have much appreciation for Asian culture without being an objectifier. For instance, I eat with chopsticks wherever appropriate (i.e. to get a rise out of fellow Americans).

    Congrats on your BSD compile+tweak!! What a coincidence; I’m plowing through “Linux from Scratch” and will post my build diary to my blog after I’m through (and now that I’ve said it publicly, I have no way to worm out!).

  2. good luck with the kernel! For bsd it wasn’t hard, just incredibly time-consuming for the compile!