Photo Stats

Brighton Beach Sunset - 0005

The most important thing for me when it comes to sharing my photos is getting them seen. After all, there’s no point in publishing my photos if I didn’t intend for others to see them. I could have kept them on my computer for that purpose. The desire for others to see my work intensifies with photos I’ve put any kind of significant work into. Whether I’ve converted it to black and white and then spent some time burning and dodging or have created a complex composite work of art, I really desire for others to see the outcome of my labors.

Thus, it is with quite some happiness for me to note that of my top 200 viewed photos, they’ve all been seen at least 80 times. I remember when I used to think that getting 50 or even 25 views was a large accomplishment. I now have 126 photos with over 100 views. Heck, even my top 19 have over 200 views. My absolute favorite photo nearly has 700 views; and that’s how I feel it should be since I really would like for as many people as possible to see my favorite photos.

Tower to the Sky