Relient K Concert

Just got back from a Relient K concert in Philly. My wife and I were lamenting not having ever been to a Relient K concert despite the fact that they are on our top tier of bands when I decided to check the website. I found out they were playing in Philly and wouldn’t be anywhere else near us for the foreseable future. So, after a few phone calls determined that tickets were still available, we got into the car and drove the two hours to the concert. It was Rufio, Relient K, and MxPx; we stayed for the first two. I like MxPx, but not quite as much as I like Relient K; Rufio went first so we had to see them. It was weird being the oldest people there besides parents who took their tweens to see the concert, but we had a great time.

They are great live – almost better than their CDs, a rarity. RK played a pretty good mix of new and old songs and we knew all of them so we were able to sing along. They kicked off their set with the Theme from Family Matters playing in the background as they walked on stage. Later in the set they played the Theme to Full House as a tribute to the actress who played DJ on the show. I was waiting to see if some other TGIF show would get played, but only those two made their “cameos”. Not sure what else to say except that I was mad they said no cameras and yet there were people all around me flashing theirs. I took one shot with my cell phone. I think it’s crap, but I’ll review it tomorrow and post it if it came out ok.

Did everyone remember to set their clocks back last night? good….