Snoop for Slope Day

Every year we have a celebration on the final day of the school year on Cornell’s Libe Slope. It used to be a drunken orgy but it has morphed, in recent years into a concert with over-priced food and an ugly orange fence which makes getting to classes very hard. A couple of years ago Fat Joe was the lead act. Last year Kanye West was the headliner, although I didn’t get to see him because they weren’t allowing video cameras in and it was too much of a hassle to get back to the apartment. This year we’re getting Snoop Dogg along with some no name rapper. What’s interesting to me is the fact that a school as white as Cornell has had rap acts for the past three years. I’m not being naive or racist, saying that white people can’t listen to rap. I know they listen to rap.

My wonderment comes more from the fact that at most of the parties here they play rock and country so I would assume they would want to invite someone like that for Slope Day. The only reasoning for this trend could be that, perhaps, a disproportionate amount of the members of the Slope Day committee like rap music when compared to the campus at large. I think one of the funniest things is how the rappers themselves react to being here. I remember Fat Joe saying things like, “Oh you lawyers and doctors know how to party!” and “this is your chance to kick back instead of studying” and other funny little comments.

It will be very interesting to see what happens this year with Snoop. I’m very torn on what to do this year for Slope Day. For the past two years, cameras have gotten me into trouble on the Slope. Sophomore year my camera was distracting me from the people I was with so they got a lil ticked. Last year they wouldn’t let me in because I had a video camera. So this year I had resolved to just go without any cameras. But that is completely against my very being. I’m very torn on what to do. If I take it and something happens, I KNOW I’ll never live it down – 3/4 Slope Days ruined. However, if I don’t take it and then lament not being able to take pictures the whole time, that won’t solve anything either.

This is why I always wish they had just left Slope Day unregulated as it was in the past. Yes, people used to drink themselves into oblivion, but there were people like me who just walked around and laughed at the drunkards while just having a good time taking pictures with their friends. Some of the only pictures I have of some of my friends are pictures from Slope Day. Plus, on Sophomore slope day I wouldn’t have been able to get pictures of some of the people who showed up dressed in drag or of the old man playing the accordian.

So what can I possibly do? I seem to be in a catch-22 situation. I will end up either just going ahead of time without my fiancee to see if they will allow me to take my camera in or I will end up not taking it. I’m not going to take it without knowing for sure because I really can’t take being wrong…this really is the last straw. Check back on or after 6 May and either see the pictures or simply read what I had to say. I want things to go well so bad….


One response to “Snoop for Slope Day”

  1. I don’t understand why you’re sooo torn about not bringing or bringing your camera. It’s not all a big deal anyway. Here’s what you can do:

    1) Ask the Slope Day committee or whoever is in charge if you can bring your camera.
    2) If they say no, bring your cell phone and use it. The pics won’t be great but at least you got something instead of nothing.
    3) Buy those disposable cameras. I remember last yr, they didn’t let “awesome” cameras in but they did allow the crappy ones, and if this yr you bring a disposable one and they say no, then chuck it; it’s disposable!
    4) Bring your Kodak camera and only that. No camera bags. If you just have the Kodak one, you can hide it easily in your pockets or jackets (depending if Slope Day will be cold or not) so the staff won’t know anyway.
    5) If you can’t bring a camera in no matter what kind, or it’s impossible to bring one, then don’t bring one.
    6) If you can’t bring a camera in no matter what kind, or it’s impossible to bring one, go early to slope day take some pics from the “outside” of the slope, go back home leave your camera there, and then go back to the slope and laugh at stupid drunkards.