Enough is enough!

I was trying to pay my Verizon Wireless bill a few weeks ago and it kept having problems. I checked the credit card number, the expiration date, and every other field, but it was still not working. Finally I got fed up enough to call tech support rather than risk being locked out or something. So I gave them a call and the lady says to me, “oh, you’re using Firefox aren’t you?”
“Yes I am” (because I don’t like viruses and other M$ exploits taking over my computer)
“Oh well, I’m sorry, but you can’t use that browser here to pay your bills.”
“Oh, don’t worry, our engineers are working on it.”

I was thoroughly ticked off! WTF was this setup M$ had with vendors to purposely make the code so that it wouldn’t work with Firefox? I should be able to use whichever browser I choose to surf the internet.

Then today I tried to watch a clip online in the Windows Media Streaming format and it didn’t work. As soon as I went into my Internet Explorer browser it began to play. Microsoft can’t continue this policy or they will lose in a big way. They are counting on people saying, “I can’t use my browser to view WMVs? I’m going back to IE.” But what people will actually do is get mad at what M$ is trying to do. They are infringing upon our rights to use our computers however we want to use them.

I know they are scared if they actually play nice that people will finally see they are a good software company, but not a great one. However, enough is enough! Users need to be able to use their computers in whatever manner they wish, including using outside browsers.


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