Review: White Night

White Night by Jim Butcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my favorite Dresden in a while. While it’s still tied up in the overarching story, this one is more of a return to a typical detective story. Murders abound and Harry has to find the killer. Like a proper detective book there a red herrings and bad conclusions as Harry and friends work to try and figure things out. In typical Dresden fashion, there’s an explosive climax (I won’t say if it’s literal or metaphorical).

Overall, for the last few books it’s been nice to have Harry and Murphy on the same page. The new thing I’m getting impatient for is resolution of his conflict with his apprentice. We’re seeing (to me) a bit too much of the same arguments over and over. I’d like to see the relationship evolve and have NEW conflicts. It does seem that this book evolves things such that we’re probably moving in the right direction.

I hope future Dresden books have continued along with this formula and balance of advancing the larger narrative and having a case for Harry to solve.

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