Sam’s Thought Processes

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I always find it fascinating how the kids interpret the world. Here are a couple examples of how Sam is seeing things at this point.


Last weekend I was sitting at the computer, working on some code when my wife came into the room. “Did you tell Sam that he couldn’t play LEGOs?”

“Of course not,” I retorted.

“Did you tell him he couldn’t be in the basement, then?”


After a couple more questions, she cuts to the chase. “What exactly did you tell Sam when he came in to see you?”

“I told him no more screen time.” Sam had been playing video games for a while as well as watching some TV.  Well, now that LEGO doesn’t include instruction manuals for their large sets, you have to look up the instructions online. So he interpreted no screens as meaning he couldn’t use the tablet to look up the instructions for his LEGOs. Instead of asking if the tablet was OK for LEGOs, he was just complaining that I was banning him from LEGOs, leading to the confusion.

Peep and Egg

Now that the twins can read, they’ve been re-reading some of the books we’d previously read to them. One of the ones they’ve been returning to is called Peep and Egg: I’m not Hatching. It has a series of pages like these:

The takeaway is supposed to be that the egg is comfortable with the way things are, but could be having so much more fun if they’d come out of their comfort zone. Sam’s told us that the lesson is that Peep should learn to be more patient with Egg and let him do things at his own pace.