The Right Programming Language can make a big difference

Recently I came across this video where a programmer solves the same problem in 6 different programming languages:

What’s incredibly beautiful are the Haskell and APL solutions. Whereas every other language requires multiple lines, Haskell solves the problem in just one line. And APL is just a few symbols.

Here’s the same guy solving a problem from the Leetcode challenge in a few languages. Once again, it’s pretty neat how the elegance of the solution varies across languages:

I also came across some beautiful examples of code, particularly Haskell as coders shared their solutions to this year’s Advent of Code. I was shocked as I had never realized just how different the solutions could be across languages.

Of course, the problem is that if you really wanted to make the best use of this, your programmer core would need to consist of experts in many different programing languages. Any Turing Complete programming language can solve any other’s problems, so it’s somewhat of a waste of resources to employ such a diverse programmer pool, but it’s still neat to think of a world where each problem is solved by the perfect language for that problem type.