Review: Getting Started With Raspberry Pi

Getting Started With Raspberry PiGetting Started With Raspberry Pi by Matt Richardson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a really GREAT book that, more than some of the other books with the same title, is about Getting Started with electronics; the Raspberry Pi, in this case. The author does a REALLY GOOD job explaining the basics of getting started with the Pi, the basics of Linux, and a bunch of ways to use the electronics part of a Raspberry Pi with some fun real world examples. (Controlling a lamp over the net or making a Photobooth that can automatically add mustaches, hats, etc) If I’d had this book back when I bought my Raspberry Pi B (back when that was new), I would have done lots of projects with it by now. Instead, it’s been sitting in my basement. (Now, the new RaspPi 4 is great enough to easily play 1080p vids over the net and I’m loving running Librelec on it)

If I had to give one negative nitpick for the book it’s that this space changes so much. I think the one I read was the 2nd or 3rd revision and there’s already the RaspPi 4 which has so much more capability. This is where sometimes technology sites make more sense than books. But, that said, MOST of what’s in this book remains valid.

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