2017 in Books

There there 3 big trends in my reading in 2017: 1) I decided that my new policy for making sure I got to all the books I was buying in Humble Bundles and Storybundles (and, therefore, not just wasting my money on a “good deal”), was that every time my To-Read list would get to its end, I would start with the earliest book I’d added to Calibre and then work my way up, adding at least one book from each bundle or Project Gutenberg raid. This is why I ended up reading books like Hunt at the Well of Eternity and Black Mercury. 2) I read a LOT of cookbooks. A couple years ago I got into serious BBQing and grilling rather than simply throwing some burgers on the grill on Memorial Day and Independence Day. This year I got into indoor cooking. It started with making bread in a dutch oven and just cascaded into me making 1-2 of our family’s meals per week (on average). 3) I started series I’d been hearing about or discovered via Humble Bundles. This includes getting sucked into Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere universe of books via Humble Bundle, starting GRRM et al’s Wild Cardsseries, and finally starting The Expanse. I’ve also continued my trend of reading multiple books at once. This has the side effect of keeping me interested in reading as I don’t get trapped  by a boring book.

I usually list the books I read and link to their reviews on this blog, but that’s rather tedious and I’m rather short on time (as you might have seen on my post on video games in 2017) so I’m just going to list the books  and if you’re really interested in my review you can use the search function on this site with the title of the book.

  1. The Emperor’s Agent
  2. Hanzai Japan
  3. Tampa
  4. Starship Troopers
  5. Absolute Power: Tales of Queer Villainy
  6. The Forever War
  7. The Girl with All the Gifts
  8. Singular Irregularity
  9. Pretties
  10. Dynamite Art of Alex Ross
  11. Angel’s Ink
  12. Augie and the Green Knight
  13. Hunt at the Well of Eternity
  14. Massively Multiplayer
  15. Black Mercury
  16. The Machine God
  17. Big Pulp Fall 2011
  18. The Making of Prince of Persia
  19. Clipping Through
  20. The LEGO adventure book
  21. To Sue the World
  22. Whiskey and Water
  23. Lightspeed Magazine March 2013
  24. You are Not so Smart
  25. The Handmaid’s Tale
  26. The Trinity Paradox
  27. Warbreaker Audiobook Part 1
  28. Pay Me, Bug!
  29. Solid State
  30. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  31. Warbreaker Audiobook Part 2
  32. Put this in your Brain
  33. Warbreaker Audiobook Part 3
  34. Uncanny Magazine Nov/Dec 2014
  35. Elantris Audiobook Part 1
  36. Battle Royale Slam Book
  37. Elantris Audiobook Part 2
  38. The Camelot Shadow
  39. Infomacracy
  40. The Hope of Elantris
  41. Elantris Audiobook Part3
  42. Clarkesworld Magazine #124
  43. Wild Cards
  44. Station Breaker
  45. Orbital
  46. The Holy Bible abridged beyond the point of usefulness
  47. Science abridged beyond the point of usefulness
  48. The Lives of Tao
  49. Race for the Iron Throne
  50. Meathead
  51. Buying Time
  52. The Bloodline Feud
  53. Golden Son
  54. Weber Charcoal Grilling
  55. The Mongoliad
  56. Masters of Doom
  57. Raichlen’s BURGERS!
  58. Raichlen’s BBQ Sauces
  59. Weber Big Book of Burgers
  60. Sandman Slim
  61. Cook it in Cast Iron
  62. Project Smoke
  63. To Pixar and Beyond
  64. Milk Street: The New Home Cooking
  65. Leviathan Wakes
  66. Specials
  67. Truckers
  68. ODY-C
  69. Eden M51
  70. Paul Ryan Magazine
  71. Lumiere
  72. Big Pulp Winter 2011
  73. Chew Vol 1
  74. Chew Vol 2
  75. Chew Vol 3
  76. Dead Witch Walking
  77. Cook’s Illustrated 2016 Annual