Review: The Machine God

The Machine God (The Drifting Isle Chronicles #3)The Machine God by MeiLin Miranda
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, this story functions quite well to continue the story from Black Mercury. We see the fates of many of the characters from the previous novel, but this really is quite a different story with a different focus. The series is going from mostly Steampunk to Steampunk Fantasy in this book while also exploring ideas of colonialism, fallen empires, and racism. (Also university and identity politics)

The characters were quite relatable and I actually found Adewalle to be some I liked a lot more than Cas in the previous book.

If you found the previous entry fun, I’d definitely continue on to this book. I actually stands alone very well. Like many Discworld books you’ll be poorer for not understanding more subtleties of the world, but it’s not required to know who Hildy or Cas are to enjoy the story here.

It’s a nice, measured pace and a good read. Check it out!

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