Review: Augie and the Green Knight

Augie and the Green KnightAugie and the Green Knight by Zach Weinersmith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I was a kickstarter backer on this book

I Kickstarted this book because I liked Weiner’s work on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and because the description sounded appealing to me – create a book that would appeal to a young, nerdy female. I’ve two daughters and the one who can talk (the other is only 15 months old) appears to be genuinely curious about the world around her and might relate to Augie in this book.

I think I would have reached peak enjoyment of this book around middle school age. I think it has a good plot for a kid’s book and I like the logic, math, and ethical problems it asks the reader to consider. However, it has a certain level of absurdity that I’ve outgrown – I can appreciate it from a distance, but it doesn’t tickle me as it once did. And that’s OK, our tastes change as we grow older – I can still appreciate Dr. Suess, but a lot of it was also way more appealing to me when I was in elementary school.

Depending on your child’s reading level and understanding of concepts like fractions and logic, I’d recommend somewhere around 7 years old and up as a good age to share this with a budding nerd in your life. Augie’s a good role model and while the number of female protagonists continues to grow, it’s nice to have one for girls (and guys) to read.

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