Top Ten All-Time Most Read Authors

According to the books I’ve put on Goodreads (which I’ve only been using for a few years), these are my all-time most read authors.

1. Terry Pratchett (40)
2. Isaac Asimov (7)
2. Michael Crichton (7)
4. Neal Stephenson (5)
4. Mark Waid (5)
4. Cory Doctorow (5)
4. Douglas Adams (5)
8. Alan Moore (4)
8. Brandon Graham (4)
10. Dean Koontz (3)

Just as with my music listening and how the top 15 artists usually are no more than 30% of the total listens for a quarter, I read a lot of one-off authors so the numbers very quickly tail off. Dean Koontz is #10 with 3 books and John Scalzi is with 2.

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