Top 20 Most Interesting Photos on flickr

The last time I could quickly find where I did this was last January. While there are some photos that are similar, there’s been quick a shake-up on the Most Interesting Photos (as determined by flickr’s algorithms).

The Impression Left On Me by the Offspring of Euler

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Four:  The Last Supper

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Five:  Stretching My Back and Calves

Quite an Elaborate Costume on the Left

Deciding Whether to Jump In

Crazy Cowboy Anime

Decision:  Jump In!

Katy Perry's Too Tasty to Resist

Andrew White Reading Room - 3

Rose Breasts

Otakon Lolita


Alice in Wonderland Cake: The Entire Cake

Maid Answers the Door

AZ Power Girl

Maxwell's Equations

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Three:  The Fall of Man or "Are you sure it's ok to eat?"

Poison Ivy and her Poison LIps

Day Thirty-FIve:  Pushups

Kissing in the Rain (Of Balls)