Approximately a Year Later: Top 200 Photos #1

This photo remains at the #1 Position, but is coming up quickly from behind and may surpass it this year!
Inuyasha Cosplay

3 responses to “Approximately a Year Later: Top 200 Photos #1”

  1. Could it be that InuYasha is finally losing popularity four years after the end of its run from 1996-2008?!

  2. I have to say my photo has had a nice run on his list. I can’t believe I’ve gotten over 12,000 views. I didn’t realize that photo was so popular. Makes me want to get my InuYasha cosplay fixed up. The fiber glass in the sword is broken so I need to fix it. This awesome.

    • Yeah, it’s neat that it’s been so popular. I don’t even think Inu Yasha is on the air in the US anymore.