Review: Sleepwalk with Me

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I went to see Mike Burbiglia on his Broadway show “Sleepwalk with Me”.  I wasn’t going to blog about it originally, but during the performance he mentioned that he gets Google alerts about himself. He used to Google himself, but then he set it up to get Google to do it for him.  Since I know that Google indexes my blog, I thought I’d blog about the performance.

It was, overall, a good performance.  The venue was very intimate and I think there weren’t more than 400 to 500 seats in there.  By random chance we had front row seats.  By that I mean we didn’t select front row seats – we just bought tickets and ended up in the front row.  We knew about “Sleepwalk with Me” because he gave a preview when he came to the DC Improv earlier this year.

This proved to be unfortunate because we already knew the general premise of the night.  We had also heard about 1/3 of the jokes during the preview at the DC Improv.  So that stunk.  I mean, they were still funny, but not as funny as hearing it the first time.  The cool thing, though, is that he went a little more in depth into some of the jokes.  As always the show was filled with lots of callbacks, making it even funnier.

If you like Mike Birbiglia, make sure you check out “Sleepwalk with Me” on Broadway in NYC (as if there’s another Broadway worth mentioning).  It’s fun to take your friends along.