Some really quick observances about Fedora 8

  1. The bootup screen is pretty, but….
  2. The default GDM screen looks a little ugly to me….perhaps it’s just too new.
  3. The new SELinux notification tool may be useful if something is not working correctly, but it just bugs the heck out of me as every single program appears to be trying to access protected memory. Of course, some people may welcome this new program. It looks very nice, but I’ve never been one of those who had problems with SEL to begin with
  4. Overall, the new Gnome theme looks very good, but the inactive window title bars kind of blend into each other if you have a few overlapping windows in the background. Perhaps that’s supposed to be the way it works – all other windows fade into the background. I’m not really sure.

Also, I forgot, the background looks like it belongs in a pamphlet for an airline, but it is a very nice looking background