Here we go again…..

Today they were saying that Imus will be getting a new radio show. They started talking about the incident he had with the basketball team. One person mentioned that his contract specified he should be offensive and stuff like that on the radio. It’s not a new excuse for what he said, but I saw it differently for the first time. Basically, people who use this line of reasoning are saying that his contract excused him from hate speech and racist speech. That’s pretty ridiculous! So any entertainer who has a contract to be offensive should be able to say racist things without penalty? I think it’s interesting that, for the most part, the people making this argument are not African-American.

Once again, they were debating on CNN whether Obama was black enough. It’s a pretty ridiculous and semi-racist thing to be discussing, but it’s ok because they were using a black correspondent to talk about it. WTF does that even mean? Do they mean he’s not ghetto enough? I’m sorry but such a person will never be elected president. We don’t want someone who acts like an idiot elected president. We want someone with the proper qualifications. And I’ve never seen a Senator or CEO (the two most common paths nowadays) who wears their pants below their knees and uses gangsta rap on their campaigns. Ain’t gonna happen.

Looks like we still have a LOT of work to do on racism in the US.