It’s the end of the world….

Our sexually crazy and confused friends over in Japan have decided to contribute to the end of humanity with the Honey Doll (warning link contains some images/sounds NSFW) :


Honey Doll
Honey Doll

Unlike the blowup doll everyone makes fun of, the Honey Doll is supposed to mimic real women. It looks real (or creepily almost real) and has real feeling breasts – or so I assume from the pictures since I can’t understand Japanese. It also make real orgasm sounds. So for loser guys who might spend a little more time finding a real woman, I think they may give up. And then there’s the stereotypical guy that doesn’t want to have to deal with a real woman and all her problems and just wants to have sex. I think it’s roughly the end of humanity……

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11 responses to “It’s the end of the world….”

  1. Why am I not surprised that this Japanese doll looks like a little girl.

  2. I saw this too, and all I could think was “cuh-REE-EEPY!” For the ultimate shiver, go on the original site where they have shots showing it sitting up on the bed and looking at you like you just walked in the door and it’s about to greet you. Now remember the classic Twilight Zone (“Living Doll” episode) line: “My name is Talking Tina, and I’m going to kill you!” – find an MP3 of it if you can. Then play the audio files of the honey doll – moaning! Yes, it talks, too, and it’s voice sounds the same!

    Except this doll is big enough that it won’t have to lie at the top of the stairs and trip you… it can just wait until you’re asleep, then get up and tiptoe to the toolshed…

  3. You people are freeking out over a big toy? How pathetic.
    First of all, sex dolls were invented to prevent homosexuality amoung navilmen (not that I’ve got a problem with gays.)Second, it’s better if those guys who just want
    sex to get the damm doll and leave real women alone. Third,
    think of all the orphans, bastards, and aborted childern
    who will be spared the suffering in their lives if they are never born. And fourth, global warming, food shortage, and
    over population are more important things to worry about than
    the fact that sex dolls exist. And further more, I don’t like that coment you made about japanese people.

  4. The only person other than myself who made a worth while statement was Danielle. So their are modles out their that look like children. Just think of it this way, better the pedifle goes after a doll than you, or your children. Besides, their are plenty of older looking modles, and some that are male in form.

  5. I just had a big time appiffany! Right now sex dolls are mindless entertainment, but in the long run they could do some serious dammage. After a while, people will stop seeking
    to hhave long term relationships with one another. Relationships like marrage or even couples held together by
    bastards will fade away, and the goverment will have to step
    in to insure a future generation undeer their control. They will seek to replace the population of the time with geneticly engineered super clones made from the genes of those suited for the needs of the goverment, and then train those clones to do the goverment’s bidding.

  6. i think a diz iz da creepiest thing that ive ever heard uv, i agree dat it can reduce rapes, ect. but why should people even be thinking about dat in da 1st place, iz wether u man enough to respect woman or ur not, u dont need help 4rom a stupid doll, plus i tink makin it look japaneeze iz pretty racism!(.) (PERIOD)

  7. about danielle, i think she’s referring to loli.
    I like these dolls, i make dolls my self (but not on this scale nor for the same reasons as them).

    But hey there are weirder thigns out there.
    I think X may have mistaken this for a forum.

    Although, kidna reminds me of that sexbot from bubblegum crisis that went nuts and started killing people, and that waitress bot that went nuts adn killed people with her tongue…

    I haven’t seen those chucky movies or that twilight zon ep… yet.

    X- who cares if the japanese are xenophobic? everyone knows about it. rant on a forum.

    oh wait, i just ranted, oops.