First, about the weekend, then some more progress on “Sugar”

This weekend was pretty great. I got to spend a lot of time with my wife. They were supposed to call her in on Saturday, but it got canceled, so that made our time together more enjoyable.

Dan came over and we watched him play Guitar Hero 2 on the PS2. I gave it a shot, but it was actually a little painful on my phret (fret?) fingers. The overall game is a pretty good concept and the music was pretty good. But, because it was music being played, it felt a bit repetitive. I’ll probably have to give it another shot to be fair.

xkcd - guitar hero
courtesy of Randall Monroe over at xkcd

Tried watching “Little Miss Sunshine” on OnDemand. But the POS kept going on the fritz. We decided “to hell with it” and went back to bumping Netflix to an infinite number of discs per month. Today it kept messing up while Danielle was trying to watch some sort of scary movie.

When we weren’t hanging out with Dan and each other, I was busy working on “Sugar”. I started modeling a character named Nick. So if you thought “Sugar” was going to be about animated inanimate objects, you were wrong. Now you’ll really be guessing what I’m going to do. Started modeling on Friday and finished nearly all of the materials/texturing today. It’s my first attempt at a semi-realistic looking human. (As opposed to Raul Domingo, which is just a humanoid)

When I textured the eyes I was creeped out at how realistic it looked. I mean, not photorealistic, but it was like he was looking at me. See for yourselves!

Nick in Sugar

I also started to give him hair, but due to something I don’t quite understand enough yet, his hair came out blue. It’ll be fixed soon.

Nick, from Sugar, with blue hair

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3 responses to “First, about the weekend, then some more progress on “Sugar””

  1. But I *like* the blue hair. If it’s good enough for the Simpsons…

    Maybe it was a mistake for me to have just watched “The Big Lebowski” two runs in a row, but, like, man, reality sometimes cramps the artistic freedom, y’know? You gotta be loose if it’s gonna flow.

  2. hehe…..yeah….but I’m neither going for the Simpsons nor Anime look. Plus I want to figure out what’s wrong. q;op

    Everyone can’t have blue hair forever in all my animation!

  3. […] Here I spoke about how a problem had caused Nick’s hair to look blue. I was using some transparency effects on the hair to let it fade away like real hair. (I was following the hair tutorial in “Introducing Character Animation with Blender”) However, I am using ray tracing for transparency to have good looking transparency in glass and other things. So I also have to use it for the characters. […]