www.dropthebombproductions.com gets another overhaul

Well, after fixing it up the first time to deal with the fact that I had uploaded my videos to Vimeo, I found that the site looked a bit clunky. So I revamped the opening page and fixed up some of the organization of the content pages as well. In some cases I deleted references to obsolete things (such as 56k modem download times) and in others I added information about the Creative Commons. I also added a “legal” page where I discuss the Creative Commons and some of the legal implications of remixing my clips.

Incidentally, adding the legal page made me realize that if I truly want my videos to be free in the Creative Commons sense, I need to ensure that, whenever possible, I use music licensed under compatible Creative Commons terms for the soundtrack to my videos. This will ensure that it can be shared and remixed without any legal problems.