BitTorrent’s Legality begins to be recognized!

BitTorrent – up until now, mentioning legal uses of the program was likely to garner snickers from your audience. Afterall, it’s just for downloading music and software illegally, isn’t it? Actually, for the past few years, it’s been the way that most people download their completely legal copies of Linux operating systems. In fact, for Linux distribution companies it has been a HUGE load off of their ISO servers to allow people to be able to use BitTorrent to download their software.

However, companies like the MPAA obviously via Linux with disdain at best. (Otherwise they’d release legitimate copies of DVD-playback software, among other things) So they failed to appreciate the above arguement for BitTorrent’s legality. However, as this article points out, they are finally starting to see the light! Hollywood studios are beginning to get the clue that if they want to do online videos, they should embrace the technology that the “kids” are using. (Witness Fox buying It also will give them huge bandwidth help. I’m glad to see them seeing the light before they pushed ISPs or, even worse, the government to put out some stupid legislation that would kill the medium for people like me who use it legally for Linux.

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