Latest Quotes

Here is the latest batch of quotes I have gathered up:

Found in the winehq irc room
1. Knowledge is Power
2. Power Corrupts
Study hard and become evil

“How many kamikaze missions have you flown?” “Fourteen Sir!” “Shouldn’t it be just one?” -Early work of Douglas Adams

Apple for style, Linux for security, Windows for Solitaire

[‘a’, ‘b’, ‘new’, ‘mpilgrim’, ‘z’, ‘example’, ‘new’, ‘False’]
>>> “False” in li

“Humans are the only animals that have the pet relationship. You don’t see giraffes with pet gazelles. Go Gazelle! Run around and…” – Eddie Izzard

“The game of Musical Chairs involves a catastrophic off-by-one error where N people try to sit in N-1 chairs.” -The Jargon File

“Black Holes are the Universe’s /dev/null” – Eric Mesa