A little Quickie

I played a civ4 scenario for the first time last night. I played the American Revolution as the British. The map was really neat to play on, as they duplicated the eastern US pretty well. Each side starts out with about half of the cities on the map. Various actions cause loyalists to join the British or Colonials to take up arms. Also, accurately enough, the British are reinforced by German Mercenaries. From time to time British reinforcements arrive in Canada.

When the game started I took NY then lost it a few turns later. Many turns after that New York was back in the hands of the Empire. I then turned my attention against Philadelphia. I took Philadelphia as well. During all this, none of my Canadian cities were attacked, nor Fort Pitt. I had a lot of attacks on my Southern cities, but never lost them. Since no one was attacking my northern cities, I had them build some theatres in case I could use culture to get the Americans back in line. In the end, I won a score victory, but the Rebels still had most of their cities. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try out some of the other scenarios.