In case you might have been wondering why the posts have been lacking a bit of substance, it’s because I’ve been in England for the past month. I’ve been very busy (it was a business trip) and also did a lot of exploring for pictures.

I learned around the time I was in middle school that it takes 21 days to form new habits. I had been gone for nearly 30, so everything at home seems strange now. When I went to take a shower last night, it seemed as if Niagra Falls was coming out of my shower head. The water pressure was so much greater than the pressure in England, that I just couldn’t comprehend it. I was extremely happy to be home, but home was slightly foreign to me. Even being on my computer now is a little weird. It’s different than my laptop, and being on my Windows computer is even stranger.

I had always wanted to travel on an extended business trip in order to see the world. I’m not so fond of that anymore. It was actually quite miserable to be away from home without my wife. Well, I’ll probably be writing about some of the good times I had over there after I get some of my pictures uploaded to flickr so that I can have an illustrated story.

See you then.