My Fluxbox desktop on Fedora Core 3 Part 3

fluxbox desktop 3

Here I have decided to run the “top” command in the top transparent Eterm window. This is a great command to have running on the desktop. Basically it’s equivalent to hitting control-alt-delete in Windows and then clicking on “processes”. It tells you what you are running on your system, how much RAM/CPU cycles it’s taking up, and a bunch of other information. It dynamically updates so as you run programs you can see what’s holding up the computer. It doesn’t normally have that line running down the middle. That’s a consequence of some glitch when I was taking the screenshot.

I was using the bottom window to run my programs. This way I don’t have to look for the window, I know it’s sitting on the desktop and I can get a quick view of which programs I’ve launched as well as any information they are telling me as they run.

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