The Domo Meme

Domo-Kun Plays Streetfighter IV

There’s something about this little, brown, cube monster that people love.  I first came across Domo when chatting on AIM with my high school friend, Lawrence Kwan.  He had it as his buddy icon.  I asked him what the brown square with the mouth was and he directed me to a website with an animation.  I didn’t really get it.  But there was something neat about the little guy.  Then, all of a sudden, I see him all over the place for Target’s Halloween in-store decorations.  (I wish I’d taken a photo)  There’s something people love about the little guy.  On flickr there are, as of this writing, nine groups featuring Domo.

Domo-Kun rides shotgun

These photos are from my brother’s photostream.  Follow along on Domo’s adventures in Dan’s set The Chronicles of the Traveling Domo.

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