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  • This’ll work for now…

    I found a WordPress theme that I mostly like called Hal 5.0.  I think the top image is a little over the top, but the overall theme is ok.  I edited the font size up from the default – the font designer must have amazing eyesight.  I also added in tag listings into the blog […]

  • Changing themes again

    This theme is really annoying me, mostly because it’s a fixed width theme.  That means that the theme doesn’t expand if you expand your Window or have a wide screen monitor.  Mostly, it means annoying things like this blog post title.  As you can see, it cuts into the metadata such as the date/time.  Also […]

  • IceWM

    After a light window manager roundup in the latest LXF (Issue #103) I decided to give IceWM another shot.  I had looked at it once before and found it to both be bare and lacking any programs in the IceWM->Programs menu.  It loaded up ridiculously fast, which was nice.  Unfortunately, for some strange reason, loading […]