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  • Scarlett Counts to 10 in Spanish

    Scarlett Counts to 10 in Spanish

    Although I don’t know where she picked up her pronunciation accent.

  • Raising a Truly Bilingual Child

    Nobody that I personally know was truly raised bilingual. My parents purposely taught me English first. Whatever Spanish I knew before learning it in third grade was picked up from visiting my grandparents. It was mostly limited to asking for food items and very generalized expressions of my state of being. Danielle was taught Vietnamese […]

  • KDE in Spanish Revisited

    Around a year ago I decided to KDE in Spanish to learn some technical terms. Back then I was using GDM, but now I’m using KDM. I didn’t see a way to set the language! How would I change the language to Spanish? I took a look online and found instructions. I’m going to reproduce […]

  • Inherent Racism in Spanish Music

    I was born and raised in the USA, so I am not sure if it’s fair to call these songs racist, I think that racism requires malicious intent.  And, given that the US has a different and unique relationship with its non-caucasian descendants than Latin America, I’m not sure there’s the same level of maliciousness […]

  • Spanish Language Support in Fedora 14 (KDE)

    One awesome thing that is easy to notice in free/libre software is how international it is.  While proprietary software is mainly based out of the US – Windows/OSX – free/libre software comes from all over the place. Mandriva is based out of Brazil and France.  SUSE was originally developed in Germany.  Miguel de Icaza, one […]