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  • Upgrading to Mythdora 5.0

    Written Friday, 2 May 2008 Today I decided to upgrade my Mythdora to the latest verison, 5.0. I downloaded the CD media and booted into the install. I had to do a text install to be able to watch it on my TV. Then I just needed to yum install the kmod-nvidia drivers. (Although, first […]

  • MythTv Remote Setup Complete

    Well, almost.  I got everything installed and configured for the remote to work.  However, there are currently some buttons that don’t do anything – so I need to go into the config and get those buttons to do something.  There are definitely some things that I need to program into the remove to get full […]

  • MythTv Update

    Well, I’ve have my MythTv box for about 24 hours now.  I have figured out everything that was bugging me about the system except for the remote control.  I hear this may require some compiling on my end.  Not something I’m fond of, but I’ve done it before, so it shouldn’t be too bad. So […]

  • Finally, I have MythTv!

    I’ve wanted one for quite a few years now.  I’ve really wanted one since I got my Jetway MiniQ case about 2 years ago – almost to the day.  Now I finally got all the necessary parts today and put it together.  If Jetway was still selling the MiniQ (it’s discontinued) I would DEFINITELY recommend […]