• If you get a LEGO Boost set and can’t update the firmware…

    There’s apparently a bit of a software fail for the LEGO company. When you launch the LEGO Boost app, it won’t continue until you’ve updated the firmware. It asks you to connect so it can update it, but it never actually updates. As I learned in this reddit thread, you actually need to get a […]

  • LEGO vs Playmobil

    I know I’m late to coming across this, but I found a presentation where someone was explaining the idea behind Fedora.next where there are 3 core products: Fedora Server, Fedora Workstation, and Fedora Cloud. But I also think it works rather well if you think of Gnu/Linux distros as LEGO sets and Windows/OSX as Playmobil. […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #88

    Nostalgia for today’s Top 200 Photo photo #88 is: I can’t do any better than the description I have on flickr: (Although I’ve made some modifications for clarity) My brothers and I were avid LEGO builders/players. This was our city. Of the sets here (back when 99% of the LEGOs didn’t have much of a […]