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  • Listening Trends 2014 Q1

    I started 2014 with a bunch of music I’d acquired in 2013, but which I still hadn’t listened to. So I created a playlist with a high weight on unplayed music from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014. I changed my Amarok settings so that instead of populating the next 11 items, it would populate the […]

  • Last.fm 2013 Listening Trends

    This year I bought LOTS of albums. I don’t know if it’s the most albums I’ve purchased in one year since writing these blog posts or even since keeping track of Scrobbles. I do know that while I listened to my music randomly, in general, I did also listen to entire albums whenever I purchased […]

  • Last.fm 2013 Q4 Listening Trends

    This quarter I mostly listened to my music on pure random with a few variations which’ll be accounted for below. This finally allowed The Beatles to place in 2013. In the last few weeks I just listened to music that I added in this quarter to make sure I had a chance to get to […]

  • Last.fm 2013 Q3 Listening Habits

    This quarter was a mix of listening to the music I had at work and listening on pure random. Once again Amarok lost the first played and last played stats. Of all the stats to lose, these are the least detrimental, but it makes the “don’t play songs I’ve heard in the last x days” […]

  • Last.fm 2013 Q2 Listening Habits

    For the second quarter in a row The Beatles have NOT made the list! But that’s easily explained: I have been listening to a lot of new music and a lot of playlists that don’t include The Beatles. But as you’ll see, they kinda snuck in sideways. This quarter I spent a lot of time […]

  • Last.fm 2013 Q1 Listening Habits

    For this quarter I’ve gone back and forth between picking albums to listen to and having dynamic playlists determine what I listen to.  For most of March I was listening to a bunch of free South by Southwest samplers with some pretty GREAT music.  Not a lot of repeat among the artists there so none […]

  • last.fm 2012 Music Trends

    In 2012 I accelerated my trend of listening to new music.  More than ever, I experienced new music via various outlets that provided free music like Jamendo, Rolling Stone, and others.  I discovered some great music that I really, really enjoyed.  Since it mostly consisted of singles, a lot of the new artists I discovered […]

  • last.fm listening habits Q4 2012

    Throughout the month of October I alternated between listening to newly acquired music (of which I had quite a bit) and a dynamic playlist that was weighted so that most of the music had auto-ratings above 90, less music above 75, and even less above 50. Any song that I listened to only once would […]

  • Last.fm Listening Habits 2012 Q3

    For the first time since I started keeping track The Beatles did NOT make the list!  That’s mostly because I have been acquiring TONS of new music (over one thousand tracks) in this quarter and haven’t really been listening on random as much.  Although my #1 artist doesn’t have as many listens as some other […]

  • Last.fm Listening Habits 2012 Q2

    I started off this quarter using a smart playlist that only played songs I hadn’t heard in the last quarter in an attempt to listen to even more great music, but Amarok lost my library which clears out the last played field and so I ended up with lots of repeats again.  Oh well!  It’s […]

  • Last.fm Listening Habits 2012 Q1

    This quarter my listens were a bit lower than they would otherwise have been because a lot of time I would have spent in front of the computer was spent with my new daughter. But, as she grew and now spends time in her “baby gym”, I sometimes put on music for her both so […]

  • Last.fm My Top Artists for 2011

    So here’s my top listened artists for 2011.  Some of these entries are a surprise and others are expected.  I can’t wait to see how many of these artists are on this list next year.  Well, let’s take a look. 1. The Beatles (492) – No surprises here; the ancestors of nearly all pop and […]

  • Last.fm Listening Habits 2011 Q4

    For the last fourth of the year I continued to listen to my music on random via Amarok’s dynamic playlist.  I set it to only play songs that I liked, but other than that left it up to chance.  For the most part, the only exceptions were when I had exams to take and wanted […]

  • Last.fm Listening Habits 2011 Q3

    For this Quarter I continued listening to my music in order as I attempted to go through my entire catalog so that Amarok could auto-rate the songs I liked and I could switch to a dynamic, random playlist.  I actually finished going through all my music A-Z (and Japanese characters) – except for songs that […]

  • Last.fm Listening Habits 2011 Q2

    I started off this quarter ending my random listening. I wanted to listen to certain artists I really enjoyed. I figured I could go back to random once I got bored of choosing the artists I was listening to. Additionally, in between picking certain artists if I wanted to hear a certain song, I started […]