Tag: Florida

  • Top 200 Photos: #132

    To Florida for today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #132 is: I don’t think I could describe this any better than I do on the flickr page: I walked into my parent’s bathroom on the last day before the end of the final spring break of my life. I saw this beautiful image coming through the […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #169

    This Top 200 Photo was taken at the beach. photo #169 is: Alex would, at least in 2009, try and get right up in front of the camera if he noticed you taking a photo.  It could spoil the photo you were trying to get a candid shot of, but it certainly made for a […]

  • A Small Trip to Naples

    At the end of June I went to my grandfather’s 70th birthday party.  But, before that, we went on a small vacation to Naples, Fl.  My mom got us a very expensive hotel on the beach and we had a blast! I got another change to use the underwater housing I first used on my […]