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  • Approximately a Year Later: Top 200 Photos #17

    This was originally the #17th most viewed photo nearly a year ago:   and now my #17th most viewed photo is: which has fallen from #13

  • Top 200 Photos: #109

    Back to England for today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #109 is: Since I was going to the middle of England for work, I decided to fly into Manchester instead of the insane Heathrow in London. Then I just took the train to my final destination. It was great. I snuck in a five minute nap […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #131

    To England for today’s Top 200 Photo. photo #131 is: I had the good fortune of being sent to England on a work trip. Danielle was able to take some time off from work to join me for a week. We took day trips and weekend trips throughout England whenever I was off from work. […]

  • Photos Moving up The Ladder

    Here are some photos that recently went up in views and I wanted to share. From Views 75 to Views 100: From Views 50 to Views 75: