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  • Programming Projects: March 2021

    Programming Projects: March 2021

    I started off the month thinking it was going to be Python heavy and ended up doing a lot more micro-controller programming. To be fair, I was mostly programming in CircuitPython, but it definitely came out of nowhere. Python Civilization VI Webhook in FastAPI Last month I created a webhook program in Flask to generate […]

  • My Programming Projects and Progress in 2020

    Back in 2019, when I did my programming retrospective I made a few predictions. How did those go? Work on my Extra Life Donation Tracker? Yup! See below! Write more C++ thanks to Arduino? Not so much.  C# thanks to Unity? Yes, but not in the way I thought. I only did minor work on […]

  • Last Week or So of Programming: Python, CircuitPython, Scratch, Arduino, and MakeCode

    Last Week or So of Programming: Python, CircuitPython, Scratch, Arduino, and MakeCode

    Tons and tons of programming and electronics projects!

  • BBQ Thermostat Project: First Live Test

    This is copied over from my Hackaday.io page. Today I was smoking a turkey so I figured it was a good time to do a live test of my project. There was good news and bad news. I think it’s illustrated quite well by the following graph: On the good news front: While I didn’t […]

  • BBQ Thermostat Project

    I recently started an electronics hacking project to build a thermostat for my Weber Smokey Mountain. You can find details at Hackaday.io, but if you’ve been here long enough you know that I don’t trust other sites to continue to exist. (It’s why I copy my book reviews over from Good Reads). As of right […]

  • Top 200 Photos: #91

    Computer graveyard in today’s Top 200 Photos photo #91 is: These are some old computer parts I had lying around. They were broken and I think I was saving them as teaching tools. I think I threw them out before we moved. It’s a graphics card, sound card, and hard drive.