Tag: Beebs and her Money Makers

  • Crowd Funding Update 6

    I Fight Dragons – Project Atma (music): They were awesome at Warped Tour – I can’t wait until they go on the Projecet Atma tour. Manufacturing delays at the vinyl plant meant that the album was delayed. Still don’t have it – should be in my hands in December. Jonathan Coulton, Greg Pak, and others […]

  • New video for Death to Ego

    I’ve been really loving my favorite new  Florida-based Ska band, Beebs and Her Money Makers since I saw them in concert last year. I really enjoyed their new album Wurst Album Ever which I crowdfunded. Check out the new 70s-tastic video for Death to Ego:

  • Crowd Funding Update 5

    I Fight Dragons – Project Atma (music): Things are on track with IFD. They are posting awesome videos of the recording process. It’s already March so as long as there aren’t any more delays, the album will be here in a few short months! Also, they’ll be on the Van’s Warped Tour, so I’ll be […]

  • Five Iron Frenzy and Reel Big Fish Concert in Silver Springs, MD

    On 6 Nov I went to my 2013 concert. Because of time and money concerns, Danielle and I typically go to a maximum of two concerts a year, and usually just one concert. I was completely unable to resist seeing Five Iron Frenzy in their first tour since breaking up nearly a decade ago. I […]